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  • Address Points

    Points representing confirmed addresses in the City of Portland. Where the address is associated with a taxlot, the centroid of the parcel is used for the point location.
  • Address Points (region)

    This Address File serves as a comprehensive address point file for the region; Clackamas County, Multnomah County, and Washington County, Oregon. Addresses are represented as individual points and are positioned inside or adjacent to taxlot parcels or on buildings within a parcel.
  • Aerial Photographs (2005)

    Statewide 0.5 meter aerial imagery (online).
  • Detail
  • List
Name Category Views
TriMet - Transit Centers 1,701
TriMet transit center locations in shapefile format.
TriMet - Routes (KML) 1,734
TriMet fixed route alignments (includes bus and rail) in KML format. All existing bus and rail lines.
TriMet - Transit Centers (KML) 1,541
TriMet transit center locations in KML format.
TriMet - Rail Lines 1,692
Public transit rail lines in shapefile format. Includes existing, under construction, and planned MAX, WES, and Portland Streetcar lines. The data have been optimized for cartographic display.
TriMet - Stops 1,924
Active transit stops in shapefile format. Includes bus and rail.